A shop where bulk and semi-bulk breads are produced and baked in a variety of ways, along with a variety of hot and cold snacks, hot and cold drinks and drinks, is called a bread café, which varies according to the size of the store, for example. In small shops, where it is not possible to make dough and the initial conditions for dough production, the dough is imported frozen from an industrial factory and only baked.

Due to the large size of the store, the bread cafe consists of the following space

1- Storage of flour and raw materials for accessories (in large quantities)

2- Space for making dough (in large area)

3- Space for baking bread

4- A space for serving hot and cold snacks and drinks

5- A space for producing hot and cold snacks and drinks

6- Space for the box

7. Toilet or bathroom in case of large area of ​​the store